I’m not just a guy who shows up with a camera to press a button. I am an efficient creative business. I have my own studio, I have all my own lighting and props, I am my own food stylist, I do my own art direction, I am an industry.

Let me know what you want or let me go at it on my own, I will create images that increase your sales and strengthen your brand and business. 

I have a strong belief that premium photography is essential to elevating a brand. I thrive on helping clients stand out and increase revenue in an oversaturated market. 

As a full time photographer,  I love capturing the moment and story of food, people and place for my clients. Food is also a hobby for me.In my off time I often cook, photograph and eat my creations. 

Architecture has been in my family blood for generations, capturing the essence of the story of a space and how it becomes part of an experience drives my technical photography.  

I enjoy forging my own path in photography by producing unique high-end images that are authentic and memorable. 

I travel for work in the US, with most of my time spent in the Buffalo and Rochester area of New York state.